Yodel is skyrocketing with new features!

The past weeks were extremely productive at Yodel. The heat was not stopping us from working hard on keeping Yodel the one of a kind that it is and making it even better!

Here are our top new features that you should know about:

Yodel is now faster than ever

The fastest transcription Yodel has ever had is now in use.

Keywords will be matched with what is said. Tim will get redirected to the support channel and all the members of this channel have the opportunity to pick up the call and assist.

Yodel takes over your Customer Support

Connect Yodel with your Knowledge Base and let it autonomously answer your customer’s FAQs.

Yodel answers fully automated, not bothering you with easy to handle questions

Call Log

See all your inbound and outbound calls in one place. You can filter and download the call log as well.

The call log shows the most important data about incoming and outgoing calls

Add contacts and block numbers

Just like an address book, you have an overview of all your saved numbers. Saving numbers is made easier and you have now the option to also block numbers and prevent them from calling you.

Update or delete a contact by selecting the contact in your contact list

Add an address

Certain numbers require a tie to a geographical region to be able to use it. No more waiting to register for this number, Yodel makes it now possible to buy them right away.

Fill out the fields and click the “Add Address”-button and voilà, your number is ready for you to use

Continue giving us feedback and let us know how we can improve Yodel to fit your needs even better.

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