Teach Yodel how to pronounce words correctly with SSML

This features makes Yodel more awesome than ever. 🚀

With SSML, which means Speech Synthesis Markup Language (sounds pretty fancy doesn’t it?), you can teach Yodel how to pronounce certain words. Everyone with a hard to pronounce name or company name knows what I am talking about.

Let’s take my first name as an example. When Yodel is set up in US English, Yodel will not be able to pronounce “Silke” correctly and it was a tad frustrating. And there are many names out there, that face the same pronunciation issue.

That is why we implemented SSML. Just by typing the following into your manage.yodel.io interface, Yodel will do its magic and pronounce words just the way you want them to sound! 
With the <speak></speak> command you let Yodel know that there is a certain way you want this sentence to sound. Insert commands that fit your purpose with looking them up on our help article.

Here is the example using my name:
<speak>Silk wants her name to sound like it should.</speak>

Add characters of IPA phonetics table to create the desired pronunciation.

You can use SSML to customize any of our announcement features that are using voice, like Welcome Message, Ask for Reason, Canned Responses or Announcement Only.

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