Forward it!

Forwarding calls to your coworkers just got easier.

Let us introduce our new and improved “Forward Feature”!

This feature enables you to forward calls right in Slack by selecting either a channel or a team member to forward calls to. Easily done with just a click through a drop-down menu that displays all your channels. Another drop-down menu displays everyone on your team!

Forward feature: Click on the drop-down menus to forward calls to channels or users!

This feature gives you another option to interact with callers, without picking up the phone! 
Next, to using Yodel’s “Canned Response”-feature — with which you can speak to your callers through Yodel with pre-written messages — you now have the option to forward the call to the responsible team or person.

You can forward callers multiple times. Just keep in mind that no caller likes to be on hold for a long time. :-)

This is another step towards a better telephonic team communication through Yodel. Let us know how you like the feature and send us your feedback to!

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