Add an address

Good news Yodelers and everyone who has not yet become one!

We added an easier way to add your address → so many add’s. I dare you saying this quickly! ;-).

Some of the numbers that you can find in our Yodel-Number-Pool require you to add an address. This is due to local regulations, some phone numbers require the end user to be located within or outside of a geographic boundary. To purchase these numbers, you will need to provide, and keep updated, a valid business or personal address that satisfies the requirement. These numbers are labeled with a blue “Add Address”-button.

Numbers that require to add an address are labeled with a blue “Add Address”-button

In these cases you had to contact support but not any longer! Now we made it possible that you can enter the address and it will be validated right away.

Fill out the fields and click the “Add Address”-button and voilà, your number is ready for you to use

This means you can start yodeling right away, no matter if an address is required or not.

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