5+ reasons why having a virtual assistant for your business phone rocks

Have you ever been at work and were just annoyed by how often your phone is ringing and interrupting your workflow? How many times do you wait for an important call from an investor but your line is constantly busy?
Hands down: How many times does a number pop up on your display and you have no clue who it is?

All the above happened to me quite often on previous jobs. With all the time I wasted on being on the phone, due to someone actually needed to talk to my coworker or tried to sell me something we didn’t need, I probably could have written a PhD thesis. For sure I am not the only one who felt this way.

So what is the solution to this problem?
Owning a virtual assistant who handles calls for you! This sounds kind of futuristic, but guess what — this actually already exists.


Don’t we all love the front desk person, that greets us every morning and ensures that callers have a first instance and are getting taken care of or directed to the person in charge? That one woman or man, that keeps us unnecessary interruptions off our back and redirects calls to the right person… Yes we do! Unfortunately positions like the office receptionist are nowadays rarely staffed in smaller companies.

Well, what if I tell you that there is something out there, that can take care of your calls, without you hiring someone.
Yodel is a voice bot that functions as a personal receptionist. So there is our first reason:

  1. Having your own intelligent office receptionist back

Yodel is the first instance for your business voice calls. There is no need of picking up the phone anymore and recite your learned-by-heart greeting: “Hello, Welcome to XY. How can I help you today?”. We know how enthusiastic you are about saying this sentence at the end of your day. ;-)

2. No more unknown callers


The phone is ringing and you see an unknown number popping up on your display. Everyone knows the inconvenience of not knowing who is on the other end of the line. Since Yodel picks up the phone and greets the caller, the voice bot also asks about who is calling and the reason of calling. And there goes reason number three:

3. Goodbye unnecessary interruptions


When was the last time someone called you and said: ‘Sorry wrong number!’ or ‘XY doesn’t even work for you anymore?’ or my personal favorite from the past: ‘Can you transfer me to XY, please?’. Usually it is no problem, but when you are knee deep in a project or writing content, you know how easily it is to get lost in distractions. These incidents are eliminated, because the virtual assistant is redirecting the calls to the right person or is sending them to your voicemail on busy days!

4. Professional appearance due to being prepared


Just like an office receptionist would warn you about an angry customer or give you heads up on an important matter, Yodel does that for you too. In real time, you get whatever the caller says in their introduction, transcribed into your business chat platform of choice.

5. No need to even touch your phone anymore


Let’s talk business chat. I am part of the generation ‘I rather shoot a text instead of giving you a quick call’. So whenever I can message someone, I take advantage of it. 
Yodel gives the option to pick up a phone call right in your business chat platform, like Slack, MS Teams, HipChat, Telegram. You name it! So you don’t have to leave your comfy business chat to answer your phone.

+. Collaboration on Calls is made easier


Remember the days when you had to dial some extension code to conference a coworker in on a call with you and then their line was busy? Yodel gives every call a link in your business chat and you can easily share it with your coworkers and ask her or him to jump on the call with you! You might even need another person to answer the question? No problem, just share the link and ace that teamwork!

++. Local Phone numbers in 40 countries and counting


Our company has offices in Vienna, San Francisco and London. So owning a number in each of these cities is a must. Whenever you need a phone number in an other international area code, choose from the ones offered in the Yodel settings and start making calls. Even if you aren’t into making calls, it still is advisable for your business to offer phone numbers in the countries you are selling your product or have business partners in.

This might all sound fun and games, but you are probably wondering how much you have to invest into a virtual assistant like Yodel. Stop digging in your pockets. Yodel is built to make this technology available and affordable for any sized businesses. And as Yodel is still in the final stage of beta testing, pricing already starts at $25/month for your whole team in the standard plan.And the best part, you can try it a whole week for free!


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